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Pet Spotlight

Duncan Duncan



May 15th, 2018 - Duncan has continued to thrive since his initial chemotherapy regimen was completed and his cancer went into full remission in early 2017. He has received the recommended doses of the Lymphoma vaccination with no ill side effects. At this time, it is with utmost confidence that both Drs. Moger and Baker (from Baring Animal Hospital) believe the vaccinations are the reason that Duncan is still in full remission and enjoying life to the fullest. Close to 100% of all patients diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma who underwent the same chemotherapy regimen and had achieved an initial remission with chemotherapy would have been out of remission within a year. Duncan is still cancer-free almost 17 months after remission was achieved. It is so exciting to be able to offer this therapy as an option for an otherwise terminal disease. We are all thrilled to see Duncan doing so well, as well as witnessing cutting edge immunotherapy at work.