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In Memory of KUMMA:


Kumma became a patient of Incline Veterinary Hospital in December of 2014. Her owner, Stacy, had acquired Kumma as a trained personal service dog a short time before. Stacy had been seriously injured while working as a California Highway Patrol officer the previous year, and she required numerous spinal surgeries and endured some very painful procedures. As Stacy was relearning how to walk, Kumma provided her owner with the physical stability and emotional support that enabled Stacy to more successfully battle the pain, frustration, and depression resulting from her devastating injuries. Kumma became Stacy's constant companion, and as Stacy's physical injuries and abilities slowly began to improve, she was able to venture out more, with Kumma always by her side.

In August of 2019, while traveling in Utah, Kumma became acutely ill. Stacy initially sought veterinary care from a local practitioner in Salt Lake City, who referred her to a Blue Pearl specialty hospital oncology service. Kumma was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a devastating form of lymphoma originating from the bone marrow. Although rare in dogs, it is known that this type of cancer does not typically respond to treatment as other forms of lymphoma do. Despite this, Stacy wanted to do everything possible to help her friend. Kumma was started on a weekly chemotherapy protocol consisting of a number of different medications. Dr. Moger continued her chemotherapy after returning to Tahoe in early September. Kumma remained in very good spirits and had little side effects from the medications, but the cancer eventually won the battle. On November 15, 2019, a very thin, despondent Kumma was allowed to cross the rainbow bridge as Stacy held her friend's head in her hands.

Kumma was a very special soul, and was a major contributor to Stacy's rehabilitation process. All of us at the Incline Veterinary Hospital have been honored to know and care for such an amazing dog. We will never forget her crazy howling during her nail trims, coupled with the instant forgiveness that a few yummy treats could deliver. Although Stacy will continue to deal with her spinal injuries for the remainder of her life, Kumma’s spirit will forever be by her side.